Items on special occasion for Gardening Gift

Giving gardening items is also a manifestation of kindness, care and love for Mother nature. Isn’t it a good idea to change the mentality of gifts from a box of sweets to garden gifts on special occasions for our loved ones? Gifts that add value to our lives by giving something positive every day. Plants make our home active and help you enjoy each other’s company. So, in this article we will discuss some gardening items in our store that you can give to your loved ones as gifts.

Diya Cow Dung: A Gift With A Positive Aura

A Cow Dung Diya is a small-sized Diya (also available in large size) made from cow dung. Chemical-free Diya helps to get positive energy and increases oxygen levels in the environment or the environment. Ash residues can be used as manure for plants and as natural fungicides. So, light up the atmosphere and your inner self, set fire to Diya cow dung, which is natural and affordable.

Vintage Bottle Seeds: The Best Return Gift For Any Occasion

Vintage bottle seeds are the best gifts for birthday, wedding anniversary and other occasions. The bottle contains:

  • 15 ml glass bottle with cap
  • Seeds (mainly vegetable seeds)
  • Thank you card

The bottles can be customized according to the higher order sizes. If you want to write your own message or custom starting numbers on a card, you can write comments in order. Personalized messages and seeds are only valid for orders of more than twenty bottles. Thus, giving garden supplies on special occasions is creative and fun.

Neem wood comb against hair loss, wooden tongue cleaner and bamboo toothbrush: eco-friendly gifts for a loved one
The bamboo toothbrush for mature is made from the best non-chemically pure bamboo with soft charcoal bristles. Bamboo brushes are completely biodegradable. The bristles are soft and designed to gently massage the gums and teeth.

Switching to a bamboo brush is the greatest service that can be done to protect Mother earth. Every year, more than five billion toothbrushes enter the ocean. So why not switch to the bamboo brush today!

The neem wood comb against hair loss is wonderful and environmentally friendly. Comb has many advantages:

  • Helps to reduce dandruff
  • Helps to reduce hair loss
  • prevents allergies
  • comb your hair regularly with this neem wood comb and lead a positive life.

The wooden tongue cleaner has many advantages, such as:

  • Eliminates terrible plaques on the tongue, unpleasant odor and taste in the mouth
  • Made of wood, chemical-free, environmentally friendly and hygienic
  • It is soft on the tongue
  • Cleaning the tongue is effective and is a way to lead a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Seed Card: Give garden supplies on special occasions as personalized gift cards with thanks and Birthday greetings
A postcard with seeds for the birthday is of different colors and sizes. The cards contain seeds inside. But the manual for growing seeds is printed on the back of the card.

A thank you card for the Seeds is available in different colors and sizes. These cards contain seeds inside. But the procedure for using this card is indicated on the back of the card.

Thus, distributing eco-friendly and biodegradable garden supplies to your friends, family and loved ones on special occasions is a way to raise awareness of a sustainable lifestyle. We also have a collection of a variety of vegetable seeds, fruit seeds, fertilizers, manure and other garden tools and daily necessities.

Why choose an affordable organic store (TAOS)?

Supermarkets are full of products of all brands, but if you are looking for pure raw honey, it is difficult to find it. It is this search for clean products far from factory farms that led us to create our store.

Today’s world is full of unhealthy lifestyles and diet-related ailment. Heart ailment, diabetes and cancer have become part of our lives. What worries us is that these ailment are gradually invading our children. Obesity and early maturity in children are increasing. Even matters of diabetes and food allergies in children are still to come. In this “The Affordable Organic Store” we want to offer you options to access the right food at the right price.