Yellow Leaves Troubleshoot and Fix Dieffenbachia

Dieffenbachie, also mute from sugar cane, is one of the most common indoor plants, because it is easy to care for. The yellow leaves of Dieffenbachia, however, can occur, if you have not maintained properly.

Most often, You can easily identify what is wrong, and correct them before it is worse, but sometimes it is difficult to tell where the Problem lies. If Your Dieffenbachia-Plant with Yellowed Leaves has no Reason to Panic.

7 Reasons for yellowed leaves on dumbbells

Water stress

The yellow leaves of Dieffenbachia can appear due to insufficient or excessive watering of your plant. Since Dieffenbachia is a potted plant, it is important to give your plant the amount of water it needs, as it will not get it through rain, soil dirt, etc.

When the leaves are no longer green, check the pot to see if the soil is soggy or dry:

If the soil is moist, reduce the frequency with which you water your plant, as too much water can drown the roots and turn the leaves yellow.

If the soil is dry, water it regularly, otherwise your plant will die with the leaves of Dieffenbachia which turn yellow then brown.


The dieffenbachia is one of the most popular indoor plants because it lives for a long time. But like all living things, he begins to age at some point. The green leaves turn yellow as the plant grows. This process is completely normal. At some point, the leaves will simply fall off when the time comes. If all the leaves are falling, it’s a good idea to shorten the stems and cut the foliage to stimulate new growth.


Another common reason why you might see dieffenbachia leaves turn yellow is the weather. Indoor plants prefer warm temperatures and if it is really cold, the leaves of the plant will be affected. If your houseplant is on a windowsill or near an air conditioner during the winter season, make sure that there is a place where there will be bright light, but not too cold or too much drafts.

Insufficient Sunlight

Unlike the plants in your garden, indoor plants do not receive the same amount of sunlight during the day, even when exposed to bright, indirect light. Exposure to too much direct sunlight can lead to a plant, leaf, yellow and droop. Before you know it, all the leaves turn yellow.


Yellow spots on the leaves can also be the result of an infection. In addition to yellowing of the leaves, The infection will fade the flowers and distorts the stem. If the infection has spread through the plant, it is best to remove the container from the plant to other plants or to completely change the pot. Make sure you cut the leaves that turn yellow and sterilize the tools before you use them for other plants.